Love is truly FOREVER I learned that myself today. Things got hard, we argued and argued, stuff was said. But as we come closer to the end of the day I start to realize that this girl is everything to me, no matter what happens to us we always fight through it, no matter how bad things get, no matter how close we get to tearing apart we always find a way to get it all back and we come back even stronger. I think that this love is forever I truly believe in this girl I trust her with my heart. As the days go by she keeps giving me reasons to love her even more. Every day with her is an adventure on its own. I really do love this Girl.

When you wake up one day and you can finally say your happy, is that life’s purpose? I met someone a few months ago, we talked, shared memories, and soon began to earn feelings for each other. We never thought this would be, some people even thought it would be crazy but were giving it a shot. I later found out that I think I might think Im in love with this girl, I cant believe it I never wanted to fall in love again after what happen to the last girl. But for some reason this girl has shocked me she’s tooken my heart away and put it somewhere safe. I didnt mean to fall in love its just some thing that happens, the only problem with love is finding out if she love’s you back. I never knew that meeting this girl would make me act, think, and go crazy like this. She’s tooken my world by storm and i couldnt do nothing about it. Getting here to the way we are now wasnt easy, no not one bit their were plenty of bumps and shakes along this road. But love becomes something more when you look past everything and still are together, I love her and my mind is in a blaw every time were together sometimes you wonder if she fills the same, but thats the wonderful thing that keeps you going. I want a future with her and im glad to say it i wont hide anything from her, I will be the loyalest to her, she’s just different and i think she’s different from any other girl i hope that she gave me her heart in return. One day i wanna stop thinking about what it would be like, and actually kiss her.

Animated Word Love Red